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Scientists agree, you have a prehistoric brain, one that still thinks you are a cave person who is going to come across hard times, where food will be scarce. Your mind knows your in a highly evolved, world of technology, where food will always be available—but, for some reason your brain never got the message.

Your brain wants you to weigh more than your conscious mind does. It doesn’t matter that your body has packed on the pounds, you feel fatigued and may be plagued by one of the overweight diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure. OK so the trick to finding the best weight loss tips lies in making your brain feel it is feeding you more than enough to get through a hard food-scarce winter.

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What do you think about the best weight loss tips ?

While there are many fad diets out there, and you may lose weight with these, these don’t necessarily offer the best weight loss tips, as they often cause you to put the weight right back on, shortly after going off the diet. Actually, permanent change and long term success in effective loss of weight lies not only in controlling the amount of food you eat, but also in finding the motivation to lose weight, and in changing the way you view food and exercise.


Looking All Over for The Nutritious Value

To learn the right weight loss tips you have to exchange those high-calorie, low nutritionally valued foods for those that offer high nutrition and low-calorie content. Don’t rack your head to find ways to do this. You don’t have to head over to the most expensive organic food store to find these food alternatives. The solutions is very simple. It lies in your adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet and reducing or eliminating those high caloric foods, especially those that hold little to no nutritional value.


The Right Diet Plan

 For many this will differ, but sticking to a protein rich, low carb diet often works. This requires your steering clear of unhealthy ‘white’ proteins. That means you want to avoid foods like white bread, sugar, white pasta and rice. Instead, substitute these for whole grains. These are going to be the working weight loss tips for some of you.

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Keep Up the Hydration

When you don’t hydrate enough, you let that ‘brain’ kick in. It starts to feel like something is missing and wrong. So for the brain, the solution is to ‘eat.’ When in reality, your body is craving water. Make sure you get plenty of water, and the next time you feel like reaching for a snack or high calorie food, drink water first. If after drinking the water and waiting for about 10 minutes you still feel hungry then opt for a low calorie, healthy food choice.

Reduce Your Portions


Your calorie intake to lose weight must be substantially less than your current calorie intake. While choosing alternative nutritional foods, reducing your sugar and white carbohydrates intake may reduce your calorie intake, you’ll also want to do other things to trick your brain into believing you are eating the same amounts of food, yet also reducing the calorie intake enough to promote weight loss. You can do this by:

  • Increasing the amount of raw vegetables and other high fiber foods in your diet.
  • Removing a third of the amount of food on your plate
  • Trick your brain by serving meals on smaller plates.

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Trick the Traitorous Brain

When you feel those cravings coming on, use alternative snack foods to calm them down. For instance, when you crave that late afternoon sweet, choose yogurt, fruit or make yourself a low calorie snack like bittersweet chocolate cereal mix. These offer a lower calorie option, and meet your brain’s need to feed the body something sweet.

Got the munchies for something crunchy? Instead of going for the potato chips, get out the celery, an apple or make your own crunchy low fat chips. These are easy to make by oven baking tortilla chips, opting for delicious kale chips or making your own microwave crunchy potato chips with no oil and no fat.

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An Effective Exercise Plan

Start an exercise routine so you increase the amount of calories you burn. Logically, if you burn more calories than the amount you ingest, you’ll burn fat and start to reduce weight. However, this doesn’t mean you should start a heavy exercise program if you are out of shape. Running a marathon when you are out of shape will only make you lose your motivation to lose weight. Instead, you should start out slowly and gradually increase your physical resistance.

Make it fun and the longer you will remain motivated. If you chose exercises that are interesting and fun, you are more likely to continue participating in them. Take up dance classes, start a walking group or choose a particular day for a certain exercise routine. By combining different exercise programs on different days, you add variety to your routine, exercise all muscle groups more effectively, and remain motivated in the program.

Diet Supplements


There is no magic pill to make you shed pounds overnight. However, there are supplements that can help burn fat, suppress your appetite and help you lose weight faster and keep it off. Supplements like green coffee extract or Acai berry can help in the fat burning process. These offer special enzymes, proteins and vitamins that helps convince your mind that it doesn’t need to make your body store all that fat any longer.


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Bottom Line


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 Face facts. There is no one best way to loose weight. It took you some time to get in the shape you’re in now, so it is going to take some time to get back into great shape again. But along the way you’ll learn to enjoy life again, feel more energized and learn new ways of eating and preparing food. Isn’t that what life is about? Learning to be more productive, eat better and live healthier. 

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