Have you ever been curious about the liquid weight loss diet? Did you know that supplementing high calorie food with liquid health drinks is the best way to lose weight and provide your body with the required nutrients? You will not only reduce weight but also get rid of various toxins and contamination in the body.

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The first element of your liquid diet weight loss should always be water. It is free of calories and a natural detoxifying agent and prevents dehydration. It is also free from caffeine and apart from assisting in weight loss; it also keeps the skin smooth and soft. With water in place, you will need a few more foods such as soups, juices, ice creams and so on. The secret to this kind of diet is to have minimal calories in the diet.

The best alternative to water for liquid diet weight loss is green tea. This not only provides you with anti-oxidants but also increases the rate of metabolism which increases weight loss. There are many variety of recipes for a  liquid diet weight loss plan to get you started.

Recipes for a Liquid Diet Weight Loss Plan

  • Broccoli Mushroom soup : This special soup provides you with Vitamins, high fiber and some anticancer properties. The mushrooms have low calories, potassium and vitamin B.
  • Fruit Bowl Sorbet : This can be prepared from a combination of fruits, lemon juice, and a pinch of salt and natural sweeteners such as honey or maple syrup. Using natural sugars cuts down the calorie intake and lets you indulge in dessert without having to feel guilty about adding weight. This is one liquid diet weight loss recipe that packs nutrients from fruits into one exciting package.
  • Classic Gazpacho : This is the traditional Spanish cold soup. It is a very healthy alternative to any kind of meal as it contains vegetables and herbs such as thyme and oregano which can be added to the soup.
  • Mixed Fruit Mock tail : This is a combination of a variety of juices with a hint of lemon juice. It maintains the body sugar level hence maintaining your diet regime.
  • Masala lemon water : This is made up of water, lemon juice, sugar free tablets, chaat masala and ice. The lemon water prevents dehydration and provides you with antioxidants. This keeps your appetite in check and can also be used together with other liquids for a great liquid diet weight loss plan.

All in all, liquid diet weight loss plans are great for not only losing weight, but also detoxifying the body. With the above recipes, you are on a good start to the ultimate weight loss routine.

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