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Weight Loss Journey – How to Proceed ?

In the recent few years, majority of fitness freaks have shown their major concern towards attending weight loss programs. In fact, many individuals have perceived weight loss as scheduling of dieting program to approach a particular target. However, health experts associated with weight loss journey have suggested that fitness freaks need to maintain healthy habits to achieve weight loss at consistent rate.

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  • Treat Both High Calorie and Low Calorie Diets in Same Way :

    Majority of experienced people associated with giving recommendations about weight loss journey have said that whenever people look to overcome overweight or obesity condition, they should treat foods containing high calories in the same way as low calorie food. For instance, you should take both low calorie juicy fruits and a small piece of cake at the same time, so that you can truly appreciate the cake.

  • Increase in Intensity of Physical Exercise-Effective Weight Loss Journey :

    If you need to plateau yourself in your weight loss journey or face many difficulties in losing extra calories, you should take necessary steps in boosting the overall intensity of your physical exercise. The reason for this is that when the body of athletes or fitness freaks become used to with any particular type of workout, it fails to give same outcome in future as it can give outcome before.

  • Register Yourself with Local Fitness Center for Successful Weight Loss Journey :

    Majority of diets do not display any positive results towards achievement of weight loss. Hence, instead of relying on diet plans, fitness freaks should register them with reputable gym or fitness center located in their area. Alternatively, individuals can try for suitable or effective regime for doing physical exercises. Health experts involved in giving weight loss journey guidelines have explained that people cannot rely completely on diets. Instead, they should choose for effective physical exercises in combination with following of suitable diet plans. In fact, physical exercise is the best way to burn higher amount of calories consumed on daily basis.

  • Cardio Exercise-Next Step towards Weight Loss Journey :

    Health experts associated with giving recommendations about weight loss journey have suggested fitness freaks for trying out cardio exercises to lose their body weight. Weight training has always remained an effective way towards achieving and maintaining overall fitness of body. On the other side, cardio exercises have major role towards burning of fats and extra calories and even loss of weight. Hence, if your focus is towards weight loss, you should aim at increase your heart beat as compared to building of extra muscles mass.

  • Always Try for Consumption of Suitable Healthy Snacks for Successful Weight Loss Journey :

    Other than physical exercises, experts of weight loss journey have recommended for consumption of all types of healthy snacks. This is because; healthy snacks will help you in resisting your urge towards consumption of sugary food items. In other words, you can keep small bags of some healthy nuts and dry fruits with you, so that you can enjoy them at any moments for serving your dietary weaknesses.

  • Always choose to do Physical Workout with Your Friend or Colleague:

    One of the effective ways of losing weight in significant way or achieving success in weight loss journey is to do physical exercise or workout in the fitness center with your friends or your siblings.

Hence, by simply following the expert guidelines about weight loss journey, you can expect to get yourself healthy and fit for your future.

The Best Weight Loss Resources

MdHFgNWYqeIJuFW8 k8SNq0UNxTjJag4 FGwj17Dzco 300x199 The Best Weight Loss ResourcesWhen people buy a brand new device, they typically read the user is manual so they can know how to operate it. Therefore, the user’s manual has instructions guiding the consumer on how to use the device as well as how to maintain it. This is also applicable when people are targeting to loss weight. The moment an individual decides to lose weight, he or she does not only get into it, but also try to do a little of research. If you get the right information, you can be able to get your desired weight fast and efficiently if you use the right and best weight loss resources.

Most individuals are always keen on losing weight fast, hence when there is just little or no change noted they got discouraged completely. Therefore, to avoid this, you need to use the right weight resources. However, for most people, getting these weight lose resources might be sometimes difficult.


Where to find weight loss resources :


  • On the internet : There are several good websites where you can get a lot of information on how you can lose more weight quickly. In addition, some websites can also give extra information about healthy diet plans. Therefore, by having a quick search on the internet, you can easily find a lot of useful information.
  •  Read relevant magazines : They are also a good knowledge form of weight loss resources. These magazines such as Healthy Living have content or articles about how you can possibly lose weight in a proper and healthy way. They should also contain some diet recipes that can help lose weight too.
  • Diet books : There are books available in bookshops across the world that is good weight loss resources for everyone. They contain instruction and information on how you should go about some specified diet plans. Additionally, they comprise best tips of a good plan of weight loss diet. Moreover, how you can get the best results in the shortest time possible.

Proper information is preferable than unsubstantiated information and can greatly help you get your desired results. By doing proper research as well as reading enough weight loss resources, then it’s easier and possible to achieve your target weight in a healthy way. Apart from the above weight loss resources, read more other resources for more information.

In these days, weight loss programmes are very plentiful and they can be good weight loss resources too. Every day there is a new commercial diet emerging in the market that promises happier and healthier future. However, this does not come without a cost. Some people have turned these weight loss programmes to money venture businesses than being the best resource of weight loss. Therefore, there is no need to spend a lot of time and money to get them. Alternatively, forget about them and look for the right weight loss resources.

Many people deploy their advanced and new dietary plans for the determination of losing weight in order to look great and feel better about the bodies but with time the reality about this diet strikes in. It is important to have to look for the appropriate and recommended weight loss resources to help loss weight in a healthy way.

7 Weight Loss Tips For Women

If you have tried everything under the sun but still haven’t been able to lose much weight except for a pound or two, this article is for you.

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Women face some unique challenges while trying to get their body in shape. So, whether you’re trying to lose 5 pounds or 50, it is important to understand that diet fads come and go, but sensible weight loss ideas stand the test of time. You don’t have to sacrifice on your social life or kill your pay check to slim down. Follow the below mentioned ’7 Weight Loss Tips For Women’ that won’t be heavy on your pocket, nor leave you depressed and ill-looking post weight loss.

  • Exercise Every DayThere is no way out, you MUST sweat it out if you wish to have visible results. This is because your body needs to burn not the the fat that is already stored, but also the food that you consume every day needs to be digested properly. No further fat storage, please! Hence, any exercise such as walking for an hour every morning can help you lose weight and keep it off.
  •  Control The Portion SizeYou need to eat fruits if you want to lose weight but you shouldn’t eat 5 whole fruits all at one time. Thus, whatever food you consume you need to control the portion size. One serving size does the job, even if it is a healthy food item. Try having one particular plate and a bowl at home which you always use to eat. This way you will automatically eat food in controlled portions.
  •  Drink Water And Green TeaWater not just keeps hunger at bay, it also flushes out toxins from your body; toxins that make your metabolism slow and promote fat storage. The cleaner your system is, the faster your weight loss will be. Try squeezing half a lemon in a glass of water, add a spoon full of honey (natural sugar!) every morning to kick start your metabolism. Try replacing your normal tea or coffee with green tea.
  • Make Smart-Healthy Food ChoicesA healthy meal replacement – home-made smoothies, are an innovative way to add nutrition to your diet, add taste and feel full, all at the same time! Traditional spices such as cumin, cinnamon, and turmeric are full of antioxidants, so try adding them to your meals in some way. Consume fiber-rich foods such as Brown Rice, Brown Bread, Oats cereals and Whole grains Pulses. Never ever skip your breakfast!
  • Avoid SugarThis does not mean that you have to avoid sweet fruits and other natural forms of sugar completely, but just the artificial sugar. Avoid consuming sweet beverages and other sweet items, unless you must have them to save your life! Try adding honey to your food if you want a dash of sweetness. If you feel the need to have something sweet post-meals, try eating a sweet fruit instead of the calorie-rich desserts. Remember, every calorie counts.
  •  Keep A Food DiaryKeeping a food diary shows YOU what works for you and what does not. Jotting down what you eat, how much you exercise, your body measurements etc., promote positive habits and minimize the recurrence of unhealthy habits. Make sure you don’t boycott your favorite foods, reward yourself with your most loved food item once every 15 days to help yourself stay on track.
  • Get Enough SleepWhen your body does not get enough sleep it craves for energy through sugary and salty foods in order to replace the energy it lacks. Do you sleep for 8 hours every night? Is your sleep uninterrupted? Do you feel fresh and healthy when you wake up in the morning? Make sure you get enough sleep so as to be active and energetic the next day.

Losing weight does not have to be a nightmare! Follow these ’7 Weight Loss Tips For Women’. Enjoy the process on your own or with friends and it can turn out to be a fun and motivating experience!

Overweight and obesity are two major conditions affecting a large percentage of the world’s population today and everyone is looking for the best solution for them. If you are suffering from any of these two conditions then you concur with me that your biggest wish is to lose those excessive pounds. Beside health problems, excessive weight is a serious cosmetic burden.

The major causes of poor weight are lack of physical activity and poor eating habits or diet. In these situations, there is buildup of fat due reduced expenditure of calories or taking much more than what your body needs to carryout its metabolic needs. Gaining weight is easy and always not noticed but loosing it is an uphill task.

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Workout Routines versus Other Weight Loss Methods :

By far, the safest, most effective and the most natural way to lose weight are workout routines. The other methods of weight loss are tailored to help people lose weight fast with minimal involvement or tight schedules to follow. Some of these methods may be appealing but in many cases are meant to hoodwink people into spending hard-earned cash in, at best, ineffective and dangerous methods.

Most opponents of workout routines claim that it is very involving, takes a lot of determination and time to achieve . What they forget is the fact that workout exercises are natural, cheap and safe. Furthermore, they provide the best way to shed the pounds uniformly and help with strengthening the musculoskeletal system by promoting bone growth and muscle development. Workouts have no side effects whatsoever because there is no introduction of new substance into the body .

Types of Workout Routines :

The main effects of workouts are muscle building and fat loss . These can be achieved by two types of workout routines. The two types include strength exercises and cardio or acrobatic exercise. The question is what do they involve?

  • Strength exercises: These commonly go by the name bodybuilding or weightlifting exercises. This is because they lead to increase in muscle bulk as the weight bearing muscles expand in response to the weight they must carry. They also burn fat by increasing basic metabolic rate.
  • Cardio exercises. These are called so because they stimulate the heart to work faster and harder to pump blood to the active lower an upper limbs. This leads to improved heart function as well as proper circulation of blood. The net effect of all these is burning of excessive fat and therefore fat loss.

Benefit of Workout Routines :

  • If you want the best way to stay safe and healthy, workout exercises are. Here are some of the benefits you can get when you choose this method of weight loss.
  • It produces uniform weight loss as so attractive and well cut out figure.
  • It is cheap compared to the other fat loss methods such as liposuction, use of pills and dieting.
  • Workouts are not associated with any side effects seen with most other weight loss methods. 
  • Improves energy levels and physical performance
  • Improves circulation and heart function and so protects you from the cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, stroke and hypertension.


Fitness freaks or athletes mostly undergo various types of challenges at the time of following suitable weight loss program. In this situation, you have to look for some individuals or relevant sources, which can inspire you towards achieving your fitness goals. In fact, weight loss inspiration is an important ingredient or key element related to all types of weight loss challenges and programs, which athletes mostly aim or look for in their daily life.

weight loss inspiration 300x225 Weight Loss Inspiration : Important Ingredient to Overcome Weight Loss Challenges

Majority of people have best intentions to overcome their obesity problems. However, they fail to follow all weight loss programs or diet schedules for longtime. Even, many fitness freaks dropout their diet plans or physical exercise schedules just in one week and return back into their old food consuming habits and lifestyle. Hence, fitness freaks can continue to follow physical exercises, yogic principles and habit of consuming green vegetables and juicy fruits only, when they receive weight loss inspiration on regular basis.

Therefore, with the help of this article, renowned and experienced people related to health and fitness sector have unveiled about simple, but effective steps, which can easily stimulate weight loss inspiration to athletes.

Decide about Ultimate Goals-First and Best Weight Loss Inspiration

Before you proceed with any fitness program or diet plan, you have to decide about your ultimate or final goal towards following a particular fitness program. This is because; it is only the goal, which can motivate people a lot in taking necessary steps to overcome overweight conditions. Hence, we can say that decision about final goal is the best weight loss inspiration for worldwide fitness freaks or individuals looking for overcoming overweight or obesity problems.

Take a Proper Note of Predetermined Goals-Second Step to Weight Loss Inspiration

Once you come up with your decision about goals behind your weight loss, you should make a proper note of your goals on a particular piece of paper. This is because; writing or preparing a proper note by using pencil or pen on a paper will insist you in doing all the things necessary for achieving your goals. In other words, noting down of fitness objectives will become an effective weight loss inspiration, which can inspire you or motivate a lot towards moving forward on the right path.

Give Time in Reading Notes-Effective Weight Loss Inspiration

If you are willing to keep yourself in healthy condition, you should not only need to decide and note down your goals, but also need to spend your valuable time in reading or looking over your notes. This is because; studying of notes will become an effective weight loss inspiration, which can inspire you in continuing your scheduled yogic principles and diet plans. Many individuals choose to note down their plans or goals in laptops, tablets and computers. However, people cannot keep such electronic devices with them for 24 X 7. Hence, health experts have suggested them for using of paper and pen.

Always Inspire with Successful Fitness Freaks’ Goals-Last Weight Loss Inspiration


Lastly, if you are willing to achieve an effective weight loss inspiration, you need to follow or simply look over the stories of other athletes or fitness freaks, which have succeeded in receiving their final goals.

Therefore, by receiving effective inspirations towards starting and continuing sound weight loss program, fitness freaks can reach their ultimate fitness goal by overcoming challenges related to weight loss programs.

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Losing Stomach Fat : 6 Real Tips

Have you been missing your routine at the gym too often? Thanks to your busy schedule (or plain laziness!) but if losing stomach fat is what you wish, all you need to do is be consistent in your efforts and follow these ’6 Real Tips For Losing Stomach Fat‘:

1. Eat Right

Losing stomach fat can take time, a few months or may be a year. But if you eat right, you can have visible results in just few weeks if you continue making efforts towards acquiring a flat stomach. For this, you need to remain on a low sugar, healthy diet. You need to include fiber in each meal and avoid junk food, otherwise you could do everything in the world, but losing stomach fat will be impossible.

losing stomach fat 300x200 Losing Stomach Fat : 6 Real Tips

2. Do Exercises That Target Your Stomach

Along with a half an hour walk daily, do lower ab exercises such as sit-ups, crunches, vertical leg crunch, long arm crunch, etc., to begin strengthening your abdominal muscles. Increase the intensity and amount of repetitions as you progress. Join a Yoga or a Pilates class and be regular. Aerobics, dancing and outdoor sports can all add up to your efforts for losing stomach fat.

3. Have A Daily Dose Of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is your fat-burning friend! This is because Vitamin C is essential for making ‘carnitine’ a compound used by the body to turn fat into fuel. Losing stomach fat can be a tough task if you’re undergoing an emotional crisis, hence, Vitamin C can come to your rescue. Try going natural by eating kiwi fruits, bell peppers, kale, or even the famous – Oranges!

4. Lower Your Salt Intake

For losing your stomach fat and losing weight from the rest of your body as well, it is necessary that you reduce the amount of salt you consume every day. Avoiding excess salt is important because salt leads to water retention. Try adding different types of herbs and spices to flavor up your food, and not feel the pinch too! After all, losing stomach fat means putting in REAL efforts.

5. Don’t Stress Too Much

Studies reveal that stress and anxiety can lead to the over-production of a hormone known as ‘cortisol’ which promotes weight gain around the tummy area. Therefore, now you need to keep your cool and stay happy not just for your overall well-being, but also for losing stomach fat. Now, who would have thought of that?

6. Go Nuts!

Fats are bad for you if losing weight is your goal, but wait! We’re talking about the ‘bad fats’ and not the ‘good fats’. Nuts are low in unhealthy fats and high in healthy fats. Try including almonds, cashews, peanuts, walnuts, pecans and pistachios in your diet. They can all work as a healthy “quick” snack without causing any harm and will fill you up too. Losing stomach fat can be easy if you snack smart and avoid unhealthy snacking. And remember to choose all natural, raw and unsalted nuts.

losing stomach fat1 300x54 Losing Stomach Fat : 6 Real Tips

Once you’re done with losing stomach fat, don’t stop eating healthy foods and working out. Make healthy changes for the long haul so that the ugly flab won’t find its way back to your stomach!

laxatives for weight loss 1 300x225 Laxatives for Weight Loss : Thinking of Losing Weight with Laxatives ?

Losing weight is the heart desire of a lot of people and this makes them go through a lot of weight loss programs just to achieve this heart desire of theirs. One of such weight loss programs that can be undertaken by you is the use of laxatives for weight loss. This method of weight loss is seen as a faster means of losing weight as opposed to the exercise regime as a form of weight loss. Taking laxatives as a method of losing weight has its pros and cons as will be discussed later in this article.

Laxatives and your Weight

A laxative that you take as a means of shedding all those excess weight that surrounds your body is not very good as a long term method of losing weight. It however can work for you on a very short term basis as it usually helps you shed weight very fast when taken on a very short term basis. It is a good way of losing weight without much stress on your part as the result of the laxatives that are taken by you are usually seen on a very short time of taking it.

Laxatives and your Nutrition

Laxatives usually help you shed weight through the purging of the body system that makes you use the toilet on a very frequent basis (diarrhea). Due to this nature of laxatives, it has the detrimental effect of telling on the way and rate at which your body absorbs nutrients after you must have been through with eating a healthy and a balanced diet. Long term intake of laxatives makes the body system slow in absorbing the nutrients in any food consumed by you.

laxatives for weight loss 300x194 Laxatives for Weight Loss : Thinking of Losing Weight with Laxatives ?

The Pros of using Laxatives for Weight Loss

The following are some of the pros or benefits that you derive from making use of laxatives for weight loss if used on a temporary basis:

1. The first of the pros that will be mentioned here is the fact that you will shed weight very fast as the body will not be absorbing any form of calorie that is taken in by you.

2. Another pro is that it will help purge your body system.

The Cons of Laxatives for Weight Loss

There are more cons of making use of laxatives for weight loss than there are pros especially when you are making use of it on a permanent basis instead of on a temporary basis just like it is meant to be:

a. Weakness: You tend to lose a lot of energy due to the continuous and constant purging of your body system. Weakness is the resultant effect of losing so much energy.

b. Lack of absorption of nutrient is another con that will be suffered by you. This is because while the body is busy avoiding the intake of calories into its system, it is also losing out on absorbing other nutrients that can be taken from the calories.

c. It will make you lazy when it comes to planning and eating a healthy and a balanced diet.

d. It will also make you lazy when it comes to engaging in physical activities like exercises that will help you lose weight.

e. It will cause your body and its system a lot of discomfort and some of such discomfort include but are not limited to constant diarrhea, dehydration, cramps and the likes of it.

f. It usually results into loss of minerals like Potassium from your body.

Laxatives for weight loss should not even be thought about by you not to talk about making use of it as you might just end up being another drug addict that might need the help of a rehabilitation center to be able to get over the drug addiction and this will be in the bid of your wanting to make use of laxatives for weight loss.

Fat loss Program : Four Tips

Fat loss Program 229x300 Fat loss Program : Four Tips

There are so many commercials in the media about weight loss and fat loss programs these days through television, magazines, and the internet, that it’s hard to know which one is suitable for your body type. The best way to figure out which fat loss program or diet regime that will work for your body type is to research the various tips and methods and see which fits you and your lifestyle conveniently. A great way to begin in the weight loss process is to find and start a fat loss program that will enable you to lose weight and give your proper procedures on what to do to keep your body healthy as well. If you are unable to get a fat loss program that will suit you or find it abit difficult there are other simpler ways to still lose weight and are tips also used in fat loss programs to help in weight loss. Here are four fat loss program tips.

Four fat loss program tips on losing weight

The first tip is to have realistic goals. You can start off by setting a target of how much weight you want to lose in a week and it has to be realistic. It’s better to set minor targets like losing two pounds every day as you continue to lose weight than trying to lose 50 pounds in a week when you only have two hours of exercise a day. It will be too much pressure on you and your body and you will eventually end up giving up. A realistic target helps you to focus on little tasks as you try to achieve the major target and gives you the motivation to reach your main target.

The second tip is to not compare you to other people, everyone is different and different people respond to different types of diets and fat loss programs tips. You might get a diet tip that has worked for your friend but might not help you to diet at the same rate as your friend. The solution is to find what works for you and keep your target in sight so that and do what you must to meet the target.

The third fat loss program tip is to identify which exercise plan is suitable for you and convenient for your lifestyle. Certain exercises work for different people. Some people like to run as their exercise, others like to jog a few hours a day. Find the one that’s best for you to do everyday or in a week.

Finally, the last fat loss program tip is to take photos of yourself before the diet plan and then after. As much as you might not want to see your photo before you start, this is an efficient way of covering your progress and how much weight you have lost since you started using the fat loss program tips and the best reward is the after photo when you reach your target

Exercises for belly fat

It is not strange to see people who literally live in the gym with pot bellies. This is because belly fat is the hardest fat to lose yet it’s the easiest to gain! Many people also don’t lose weight around the stomach because they are not aware of the appropriate exercises for belly fat and if they are, they don’t know the right way to do them. You must be dying to don that fabulous dress or those sexy jeans and am sure you are asking;

Exercises for belly fat 300x200 Exercises for belly fat
What are the best exercises for belly fat?

• First and very basic is running. As everyone knows running caters for every body part by raising the heart rate and working all muscles which in turn enables you to lose fat.

• Then there is the bicycle exercise that normally targets the obliques and the six pack muscles. It is done with your hands at the back of your head while the knees are up to your chest. One alternates lifting the left elbow to the right knee as you straighten the left leg. Needless to say, this is a very taxing exercise for belly fat but it will sure get those belly muscles stretching and contracting intensely.

• Do the side plank as it targets the abs and is more challenging as you support your body on two points only. This makes you work the core harder to remain stable. One leans on one elbow and puts the other hand on the hip then lift your body of the floor and hold until your balance fazes. Then switch sides and repeat.

• Pushups had to be in this list. Add a twist to this exercise by walking with your hands as well as the legs. Walking creates resistance that burns belly fat and strengthen the core.

Exercises for belly fat Tips 199x300 Exercises for belly fat

• The alligator drags are very instrumental when exercises for belly fat are involved. It requires a moderately fit person but anyone can ace it. The dragging motion incorporated enables the body to burn more calories and the core muscles are the ones that provide stability hence hastening the loss of belly fat.

• As far as exercises for belly fat are concerned, crunches are as old as it gets. These include the vertical leg crunch where the legs are kept straight which adds more intensity to the workout and exerts the abs more. Then there is the exercise ball crunch where the abdomen does more work than any other body part.

• And finally to the belly dance which is a fun exercise for belly fat since i know you are wondering if all exercises are this strenuous. Belly dancing requires isolations which come from you contracting and relaxing the muscles found in the stomach region. The pushing, sliding and belly rolls involved will make your abdomen tighter and stronger while burning the fat. I don’t know how many men would agree to belly dancing but I think this is the ultimate exercise for belly fat.
Diet is imperative when it comes to losing belly fat so aim to combine exercises for belly fat with good nutrition.

Belly Fat Exercises Need 300x260 Belly Fat Exercises : Top 5 Effective Exercises

Nowadays, people are more concerned about their increasing obesity especially for their belly fat. If you are the one and want to burn your belly fat exercises is the perfect way to burn belly fats. Belly fats is the abdominal fat or in more clinical sense known as the visceral obesity. When the body is accumulates certain amount of belly fat, it can results in swelling in waist size as well as it can develop higher risks of heart diseases, diabetes and possibility of cancer. Therefore, you should really need to do everything in order to burn your central obesity before it becomes too much as irreversible problem. Here are the some important exercises targeted to burn out your belly fat.

1. Straight Leg Oblique


To perform this exercise, keep your back flat on the floor and life your legs straight up in the air. Further rotate each leg to its side and alternate legs all the time. As with this exercise it is very important to keep your legs straight throughout your entire abdominal workout. This will help to optimize the benefits of exercises and keep your bode better protected.

2. Captain’s chair leg

To execute this exercise you need a good sturdy chair, it is a rack along with pad arms which allows your feet to hang freely. In order to perform this exercise stand out on chair then hold your hands. Further push back beside the pad and lift knees towards chest, while lifting the shoulders. After that carry right elbow towards left knee, as you flatten the right leg. You can perform 1-4 sets along with 10-15 repetitions.

Belly Fat Exercises 300x200 Belly Fat Exercises : Top 5 Effective Exercises

3. Ball Crunch Exercise

To execute this exercise ball is required. You need to stretch out on ball with lower back completely supported. Put hands at backside of your head and contract abs in order to pull the base of ribcage. Keep ball steady as you twist up and inferior back off to extend the abs. You can do 1 to 4 sets along with 10-15 repetitions.

4. The Bicycle Exercise

This exercise is most effective to burn your belly fat. In order to perform this exercise you need to get in to supine position and put your hands at back side of your head. Now carry knees towards the chest at the same time you’re your shoulders off the ground. Gradually bring your right side elbow to the left knee, as you need to make straight your right leg. You can do 1- 3 sets along with 10-14 repetitions.

5. Long Arm Exercise Crunch

To perform the exercise stretch out on a mat or the floor then extend your arms straight behind and keep them clasped to your ears. After that, gradually contract abs then shoulders very carefully in order to keep arms straight. This is an alternative of the usual floor crunch exercise where arms held straight and makes an exigent exercise. Perform with 10-14 repetitions.

Belly Fat Exercises Looks 300x199 Belly Fat Exercises : Top 5 Effective Exercises

Precautions while performing the belly fat exercises:

  •  Before doing this exercises it is significant to perform warm up that will ensures healthy blood circulations.
  • Ensure that while performing the abdominal exercises, you lie down on a firm and flat surface.
  • Wear loose apparels that will not obstruct your exercise and blood circulation.
  • Do not perform abdominal exercises on a full stomach as it may cause you to vomit.
  • Make sure that you inhale while sitting and exhale while moving downwards.
  • Cut back your calorie intake to loose belly weight. Your calorie intake needs to be less than the amount of calories you burned.


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